About Us

Construction Claims Consulants

Construction Claims Consultants is a self-motivated practice of construction professionals that predominantly provides commercial & contractual services to the construction industry.

Our core focus mainly involves working for large construction organisations who are undertaking large-scale engineering project. Our consultants are often injected into a site team to speak with engineers and thus be able to get to the heart of a problem quickly and inexpensively.

Once the problem is understood our consultants are leaders and problem-solvers, who thrive on complexity and ensure that a solution is found, whether that be a claim or otherwise. If there is a claim to be brought we will find it.

Aside from our staple  skill of getting amongst the action on site, as foreshadowed, our driven team is able to provide a full range of expert services including claims preparation, contract advice, expert witness and dispute resolution to contractors, subcontractors, developers, government bodies and their legal representatives.

We anticipate, investigate and resolve complex project challenges and we understand the pressures associated with delivering successful projects.

Construction Claims commitment is to work with you, make the full use of our expertise and deliver value-added solutions that make a difference.

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